We Have A Passion for Startups


Lance CPA Group is a tech-focused boutique CPA firm in Chicago specializing in outsourced accounting and consulting services to startups and craft breweries using cloud based solutions. In addition, we provide tax services for startups, small businesses, craft breweries, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and individuals.

We do things differently that your typical public accounting firm.

We don’t bill by the hour.  We think finding out the price of the services provided after the work is done is unethical.  Instead, we spend time with you understanding your wants and needs and then we provide a fixed value based price that we both agree to before we provide our services.   That means you know the price up front and there are no surprises at the end when we complete our services.  This encourages collaboration.

Calls and emails do not cost extra. You have a question or need help understanding your accounting and taxes?  Since we don’t bill by the hour, that means you can feel free to give us a call whenever you have a question and have the peace of mind that you are not going to be paying for that call.

We are outcomes based.  Our services are designed to obtain desired outcomes and create value for our clients.  We don’t provide or recommend services just for the sake of those services.  Our services are customized to your particular business and are driven on results.  We may not be efficient or be the cheapest knowledge provider in the marketplace, but our focused driven services for startups and craft breweries are effective in their desired results.

We price our services on the value created for our clients.  Our services are designed to create value for our clients.  Therefore, are pricing reflects and captures some of the value created.  If you want a compliance driven services at a cheap price, we are not for you.

We are a paperless, cloud based certified public accounting firm.  We use innovative cloud based solutions that allow to you be connected with your accounting records anywhere you go.  Your records are secured using the latest technology available. Our secure client portal allows you to upload your documents and allows us to send you completed deliverables.